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Cats, Claws and Soft Paws®
Cats, Claws and Soft Paws®


Here are some fascinating facts about cat claws!

While our nails are flat on the surface, they are designed to protect our fingers and toes.  A cat’s claws are different in that they come out from the front of their digits and are used for hunting, protection and climbing.  Essentially, claws are tools.

Cats have 5 digits on each of the front paws and 4 on the back, unless they are polydactyls, meaning the cat was born with more toes.

Cats do have dewclaws which bear a resemblance to our thumbs.  The dewclaw is used to help hold the prey in place, while the cat enjoys its snack.

While cats do retract their claws, the claw is not completely sheathed.  Small portion of the claw remains protruding from the front of the digits.  In resting position, the claw is off the ground.  So when the cat walks on its toes, the claw is protected from unnecessary wear and tear, while affording the cat its stealth.

The cats claws also curl, so they need to be trimmed from time to time, making sure that the claw doesn’t grow into the paw pad.

Humans are plantigrade walkers, which means that we walk on the soles of our feet.  Cats are digigrade walkers, meaning that they walk on their toes.  Therefore, cats who are declawed, may have a more difficult time balancing on the tips of their toes.

If your cat’s claws are causing devastation to your home and furnishings, please consider Soft Paws® vinyl nail covers for cats as an alternative to declawing.

This is a safe and painless product, which is not toxic to cats.  The vinyl claw covers do not interfere with the normal extension and retraction of the claw.  Cats can still flex and extend their tendons much like when we point our toes.  Cats can stretch and even make scratching motions, without damage to your furniture or yourself.  The claw is completely covered and protected by a vinyl coating, and so are your possessions.

Since cat’s nails are different from humans, Soft Paws® are easy to apply and remove without damaging the nail or claw.  The nail cap comes off along with the normal shedding of the nail sheath.  We usually see these left behind on scratching posts. This natural shedding also prevents the possibility of infection.

The vinyl nail caps are thick and blunt and are available in many colors, making them easily visible, as well as aesthetically pleasing. 


Call us today to have your kitty’s nails done with Soft Paws®!  They will love it and so will you.

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