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"You groom cats? You mean you actually give them a bath?

You must be out of your mind!"

I’ve heard this countless times from people. And I will admit that sometimes I just might be out of my mind.

Despite the state of my mental health, most cats do need grooming from time to time. If you are the proud owner of a long-haired feline you know this all too well. Those of us who claim ownership to such a breed, have come to understand that black outfits are no longer allowed unless we are into the ‘white-cat-hair-all-over-black-pants’ look. Last time I checked it wasn’t the fashion. If I could turn back time, I would have invested my money in the company that makes those lint-remover sticky roller things. I’ve gone through so many over the years that I’m sure my investment would have more than paid off.

And then there’s the hairball – a most unusual specimen that typically appears just when guests are about to arrive. This indescribable blob on the floor is almost always discovered by the guest rather than the cat owner. And if having your obsessively clean mother-in-law find a hairball on the kitchen floor isn’t bad enough, the sound of your cat barfing one up is.

Beyond the shedding and subsequent hairballs, cat owners often find themselves battling tangles, mats, eye stains, unsightly potty pancakes, and more.

This is where the professional cat groomer comes in.

The cat groomer, you see, is the brave soul who fearlessly takes on the deadly challenge of immersing an animal into a tub full of what it hates most. Cat vs. Water. Big strong cat with sharp teeth and eighteen VERY sharp claws vs. tub of water AND cat groomer. You get the picture!

Yes, I am a groomer of cats. I have battle scars to prove it. And I love my job immensely!

Cats get greasy. It’s a fact. You may not realize it because you are used to the way “Fluffy” looks and feels. But, trust me, cats get VERY greasy, as though they’ve been rubbed down with a stick of butter. Imagine if you didn’t wash your hair for a few years. Natural oils build up over time. Combined with the oils from our hands that are left behind when we touch & cuddle our feline buddy, grease eventually takes over. Natural shedding takes place throughout the year, most often in the spring and summer when the temperature warms up and the days get longer. As the hair sheds, the greasiness of it causes it to stick together in a clump. This clump of hair is small at first but grows about as fast as kudzu. Before you know it, “Fluffy” is no more.

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