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CFMG: Certified Feline Master Groomer

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I respectfully request that new clients prepay a $75 reservation deposit to secure their appointments and for everyone to leave a credit card on file.  All cancellations within 48 hours of the appointment will be billed for the full groom with the credit card on file.

Please note, that as a mobile groomer, I transverse long distances to meet you at your home & take same day cancellations very seriously.

*Cancellations include clients not being home at the time that the groomer arrives. Clients requiring to leave prior to completed groom and return of their cat(s).  Inability to capture the cat(s). Groomer(s) does/do not enter premises and do not hunt cats.

Below are some ideas for your felines grooming styles and pricing we have available.  

For Virginia/Maryland and DC: Full Coat Short Hair Groom: $118  for cats under 12 lbs

For Virginia/Maryland and DC:Full Coat Long Hair Groom: $118

For Virginia/Maryland and DC: Lion Cut: $200 

Overweight cats (over 12lbs) $10 surcharge

For Virginia/Maryland and DC: Comb Cut/Teddy Bear Cut: $210

Pelt Removal: Begins at 300+.  

Additional services include but are not limited to: 

Exfoliating Bath: $10

Sani Trim/Brazilian: $25.  No it is not a wax, but a shave!

Half Belly Shave: $30

Full Belly Shave: $35

De-Shed Treatment: $25

Toe Tuft Trim: $15

Soft Paws Front: $25

Soft Paws Back: $25

Soft Paws Front & Back: $45

Bite fee:$200 and up depending on severity

Flea and Tick removal: $375 

I do not take on active flea infestations.  If you know that your cat is infested with fleas (has fleas), please prepare by visiting your veterinarian and acquiring Capstar.  This is an oral medication which may be prescribed by your vet.  Alternatives are Revolution as a spot on and Comfortis as a monthly oral.  Please know that re-infestation of the animal may occur if the environment is not treated. Please contact a professional exterminator to remove fleas from home prior to contacting me for an appointment, making sure that the exterminator is aware that cats reside in the home.  This is a precautionary measure so as not to share fleas with other clients.

No emergency services provided.

Lion Cut

It is delightful to see a feline in such a creative groom, providing the appearance of a true lion, the king of felines. Available for both long and short furs.  This is a shave from the neck to the tip of the tail, leaving either a ball on the end of the tail or leaving the full tail for long haired cats. Excellent in the summer time as it greatly reduces shedding. There is less clean up for the owner and lowered allergy sensitivities as well.  Pricing $190.  Pricing may vary depending on coat and skin condition, age, matting and overall disposition of the cat.  

Comb Cut 

Also known as the teddy bear cut, the comb cut allows for variable lengths of hair to be left during the 'full body shave'.  Length of hair will depend on coat condition.  The additional hair, gives the appearance of a plush teddy bear, hence the name.   This type of cut is excellent as an all season cut, as it reduces shedding. There is less clean up for the owner and lowered allergy sensitivities as well.  Pricing on average $200.  Pricing may vary depending on condition of coat.  Please note, this cut cannot be performed with matting.

Full Coat Groom Domestic Short Hair 

A Full Coat Groom for a Short Hair includes the trimming of nails, cleaning of ears and teeth.  This service also includes a bath and a blow dry.  Cats who weigh in excess of 12lbs, are charged for a long hair full coat groom.  Pricing on average $110.  Pricing may vary depending on coat condition and matting.

Full Coat Groom Long Hair 

This service includes a bath,blow dry, a nail trim, ear and teeth cleaning. For long haired cats, one tends to see a better separation of hair and for specific breeds, we include a face trim to the breeds standard specifications.  Pricing is $118 depending on location.  Pricing may vary depending on condition of coat and matting.

Soft Paws

This is an excellent alternative to declawing.  Soft Paws are a vinyl adhesive covering for the cats nails, that allow for the sharp ends to be covered, while still being able to be retracted and extended fully.  They may last for as long as 6 weeks, after which aprofessional removal and reapplication is required.  Available in a variety of colors, please inquire about your new set today!  

Front soft paws $25

Back soft paws $25

Both front and back $45

De-Shed Treatment

A specialized set of tools are utilized to reduce excessive shedding by reducing the amount of undercoat present.  Available year round, and highly recommended during the 2 moulting seasons of cats...spring and early fall.

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